Graduate Collections

Fashion Illustration London Dancewear Textile Design Emma Kendall
Fashion Illustration Emma Kendall Design London Textiles
Fashion Illustration EmmaKendall Design Collection
Fashion Illustration Emma Kendall Design Collection

My 6 Collections exhibited at:

My 6 graduate collections were designed to be bespoke and contemporary mixed-media textiles for a niche fashion market existing between lingerie, dance-wear and sportswear. They are sub-divisions of one extensive body of research inspired by light.


I experimented extensively with a range of light interactive materials, so that some of the textiles interact with light to create an eye-catching, ephemeral aesthetic, that has hidden layers of beauty that might only be revealed through movement and a dynamic light environment. Each collection was complemented by a range of digital print and screen print designs. In each collection, the prints, screen prints and embellishments have the potential to combine together to create beautiful individual constructed garments.


The imagery was also inspired by light: its intangibility, spectrum, texture and dynamic playfulness. Light is not of material existence but a transient and ephemeral phenomena that can be captured through photography, and found in a variety of reflective surfaces in both the natural and man-made landscapes. I created a variety of subversive landscapes in a psychedelic fashion, incorporating light and reflection, and exploring the shapes colours and proportions that manifested themselves.


The textiles are intended to complement the body's natural shape and movement, through stretch materials, panelling, and engineered pattern design, with strong elements of symmetry and self-similarity.